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Build Muscle

Synergen3 early beginnings had a underlying theme to the product = To Build Muscle!

Restore Metabolism

Lowering insulin levels – it is important to know that weight gain is often triggered by increases in Insulin levels.

Gain Energy

Synergen3 increases energy; not only for the duration of your workouts, but throughout the day.

Sleep Better

Synergen3 uses just the right amount of folic acid to increase melatonin, which essential for a deeper and longer night’s rest!

Proven Body Fat Loss

This seems to be the primary goal for most of us these days; and it’s not surprising because more than half of the U.S. population is overweight.

More Raw Power

With the right weight- training program, and high protein diet, Syngeren3 can help you gain up to 10lbs and increase your strength along the way!

Join the League of Professionals

The experts that have taken Synergen3 agree that it is a powerful and important product to the sports and wellness community!

Better Than Creatine

Synergen3 is the first supplement to effectively “Bridge the Gap” between strength related athletes and the aerobic/fitness athlete!

Vacation of the Mind is not limited to just one on one sessions. We have a programs designed with you in mind. Everything from LIVE guided meditation calls to Corporate Wellness events, and we even have certification classes for those looking to teach! Our goal is to help you reach your goals while destressing your way to success! Click the link above to start your Journey into Tranquility! 

When placing your order please use Promo Code: Sarah

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Use Promo code: Sarah

In 2019 we are expanding to a 2.5 day 2 night retreat. You won’t want to miss this power packed weekend.

You’ll walk away feeling empowered and powerful.

You’ll get in touch with your higher self to really take control of your life.

You’ll be able to embrace the sexy wonderful woman inside and love her.


VIP Ticket includes:

2 night 2.5 day retreat with meals included

Speakers and Activities

Facebook support group

Self Care and Relaxation Box

A commemorative cozy sweatshirt

12 group Coaching Sessions

and More

For only $497 ($2449 Value)

General Admission tickets includes:

2 night 2.5 day retreat with meals included

Speakers and Activities

Facebook support group

For only $347 ($1000 Value)